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Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

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Holds: 140mls

Glass Weight: 345 grams approximately


Create a lovely atmosphere by completely replacing odours in your home with the fragrance of your choice using Reed diffusers.

Looking for a diffuser that will provide your space with a beautiful, long-lasting scent, consider our Reed diffusers, which is a popular and convenient way to enhance the ambiance of your space with a beautiful scent. At the moment, diffusers are available in a sophisticated design, making them great choices for decorating any space in the home.

White Magic Candles has been offering a variety of elegant and sophisticated Reed diffusers to households looking for the best possible way to fill up the empty space with fragrance. Our reed diffuser uses natural diffuser oil as base and perfect amount of fragrance resulting in prolonged fragrance though. Glass diffusers can create a beautiful ambiance in your home by completely replacing odours with the fragrance of your choice. 

Where can diffusers be placed? 

Placing a room diffuser or fragrance diffuser is the best possible way to create a clean scent in the air in your living room, bathroom, or home office. Whether their placement is in a single room or your entire home, they can rejuvenate your mind and many other things. Here we list some places where you can place the glass diffusers. 

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Even in offices, next to the desks

Since they are perfect for any home space, their presence can make a significant difference.

Advantages of Placing a Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers have become popular among households solely because of their advantages. Here we are compiling some of the few important advantages one can expect from a reed diffuser.

  • Glass diffuser for bedroom: Sleep is essential for both the body and the mind in order to make the day more productive. However, the quality of sleep you get solely depends on the ambiance that you enjoy in your bedroom, and bedroom ambiance is created by relaxing fragrances. As a result, reed diffusers have become the way to fill your bedroom with long-lasting fragrances that can make you sleep like a baby throughout the night.
  • Reed diffuser for bathroom: “A fresher, crisper, and cleaner appearance in the bathroom makes you feel comfortable, and the right fragrance can help you create a comfortable experience”. Fragrances that emit through glass diffusers can make you ready for the morning by giving you a much-needed boost and a spring in your step to start your day right. 
  • Reed diffuser for kitchen: To be inspired to carry out kitchen chaos, a fresh and beautiful scent in the kitchen space is highly recommended. A fragrance diffuser that can create long-lasting fragrances in kitchen and breakfast seating areas is highly recommendable.
  • Glass diffuser for office: Positive environments in office space make employees feel so focused, and glass diffusers do create a positive environment in the office perfectly. Just put the glass diffuser or fragrance diffuser right next to your desk, and then see how much you become focused and inspired.

Why should you choose us over others?

  • A room diffuser you obtain from us to create a beautiful ambiance in any space is simple to use and more affordable at the same time.
  • We have a wide range of glass diffuser options to choose from.
  • We deliver your glass diffuser on time and safely, without any damage while shipping.
  • We have served several customers so far and received positive feedback from them for our services.

White Magic Candles

White Magic Candles, is your one-stop shop for shopping for a variety of glass diffusers. Shop your favourite glass diffusers today at White Magic Candles and create a beautiful ambiance in your home.



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