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White Magic Candles



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Cavity Dimensions: 25mm x 27mm

Closed Clam Shell Dimensions: 110mm x 72mm

Liquid Quantity: 74 grams

Our Melts

Same as our candles, our melts are triple scented and made from 100% premium natural soy wax. If you are looking for the best quality melts then look no further. All our melts are homemade and hand poured in an environment friendly shells. There are 6 cubes which can be broken into 6 pieces the ease of use. Our scented soy melts comes in several fragrances, use the drop down menu to see all variants. 

Top picks: Japanese Honeysuckle, Champaign & Strawberries, Seduce & Chanel 5.

White Magic Candles aims to deliver the highest quality wax melt products at reasonable prices that are simple to use and have a long burning time. Our melts are scented and all natural soy melts, that can be used in either an electric melt burner or a tealight warmer to release fragrances throughout the area. If you would like to know more about the wax melts, keep scrolling down.


The unique quality of wax melts

    Wax melts are natural and nontoxic to burn. They are non-toxic to the burn and the environment, and they emit a wonderful, full scent of a fragrance that will leave your space smelling amazing, making them the most popular choice for obtaining one for their home or workplace.

    A pack normally contains 100g of scented soy wax. 

    Why are wax melts becoming more popular?

    There are numerous advantages available, ranging from no frame to completely wickless scented pieces, which contribute to their popularity. The following are some of the few important benefits that are actually making them so popular in this modern era. 

    • Totally flame-free: Almost all decorative candles are exposed to flame, which increases the risk of accidentally catching something else on fire, whereas wax melts do not need to produce any flame; in fact, they do not have any wick. To warm up and release the scent, they are usually placed in an electric melt burner.
    • More convenient : Unlike candles with flames that cause difficulty, wax melts, especially scented melts, are more acceptable to use in the home workspace. Even the parents promote the use of soy milk in the home if small children are around. 

    Control fragrance; Unlike candles, with soy wax melts, you can control your fragrance level by placing fewer or more scented melt cubes in a melt burner or electric melt burner based on the size of your room to fill it with fragrance.


    Why should you choose us over others?

    • We use the best quality natural soy to make our melts. All our Scented Melts are hand poured and crafted in a homely environment. All you have to do is place your favourite fragrance order to make your home more pleasant.
    • Our melts are made with pure soy, making it easy to clean any wax spills with warm water instead of causing you trouble.
    • Our Wax Melts come in a variety of packs, making them ideal for gifting to someone else through safe transport.
    • Above all, our Max Melts are reasonably priced, can last a long time, and provide great scents for an extended period of time.


    White Magic Candles

    White Magic Candles is the best option to obtain soy wax candles, tealight melt burners and an electric melt burner. If you are looking for melts that are inexpensive, durable, friendly, and safer, we suggest you explore our more convenient wax melts on our website. Ordering your favourite wax melts is definitely worth it. Book your order today to give your home a more pleasant atmosphere. 



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