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White Magic Candles

Tea lights - Pack of 10

Tea lights - Pack of 10

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Number per Pack: 10
Burn time:  ~3-4 hours per Tealight
Dimension: 39mm Wide x 18 mm high
Contains: 17g

Add your favourite tealight candles to the cart, then make your upcoming event at home more bright and memorable.

Tealight candles are small in size, but they typically last longer and burn inside a candle holder; they are used for a variety of purposes, most notably decorating. Tealight candles are widely popular across the globe because of their small size, long-lasting quality, inexpensive price, and ease of use.

White Magic Candles have been providing a variety of candles, including tealight candles, that can be useful to keep around your home. If you are looking for Scented tealights or soy tealights, we have exactly what you are looking for. All of our tealight candles can glow with light and are perfect if you want to fill your home with a multitude of tiny candles. If you would like to know how tealight candles can fill your whole home with warmth and beauty, keep scrolling down. 

What tealight candles are available?

We are offering a variety of tealight candles and tealight holders in scented and unscented styles. We have a wide selection of purely Australian-made tealight candles that can fit your needs. We are sure our candles—to be precise, white magic tealights—can bring a delicate ambience to your home or any occasion as well.

  • Scented tealights
  • Soy tealights 
  • Natural soy tealights
  • Assorted tealights
  • Tealights in a variety of colours

Along with the aforementioned best tealights, we also provide a tealight lamp and tealight holder. Reach out to us to discuss the cheap tealights that can fit in your budget.

Tealight Candle uses

  • Adds beauty to the ambience: Scented tealights or soy tealights can easily enhance the appearance of the whole ambience. You can feel and experience the warm and welcoming delight by lighting a few tealight candles. Extremely calming atmospheres can be easily achieved with natural soy tealights.
  • Decorative purposes: Tealight candles are small in size and can easily be used to decorate any room in your home to add your own personal touch. Another advantage for home decor is that it is available in a variety of soothing colours such as white, bright yellow, red, orange, and green.

Benefits of Tealight Candles

Though tealight candles are a bit smaller in size, they have several benefits that should not be overlooked.

  • Unlike other candles, tealight candles, be they assorted tealights or mixed bag tealights, won't leave any residue after burning.
  • The presence of white magic tealights can greatly reduce stress and provide you with some peace of mind.
  • Natural scented tealights and soy tealights can act as a sleep drug during bedtime, making you feel at peace and providing restful sleep.
  • Tealight candles are the most affordable options for any occasion. We sell a variety of cheap tealight candles.

Why should you choose us over others?

  • We are making more stylish and modern tealight candles at affordable prices. In fact, you can find a number of cheap tealight candles with us.
  • All our best tealights are extremely versatile, which can create a romantic retreat.
  • Because we have excellent transportation, we can deliver your ordered tealight candles quickly.
  • We have a high rating from our existing customers, so you can put your trust in us.

White Magic Candles

White Magic Candles have been offering the best tealights that can offer your planned occasion a completely new look. If you are looking to make any occasion beautiful in the cheapest and easiest way possible, then opt for tealight candles. Choose your favourite tealight candles and add them to your cart, then make your upcoming event at home more bright and memorable. For further information, contact us.



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